Martina Möller-Öncü

20150223_0004Beginning her business life in the German textile industry, she chooses as her central life point for nearly 15 years the most western town of Turkey: Izmir.

There she learns everything about how to live and work in a foreign country and how it goes of being at home in several cultures. Helpful for success was her love to people and the desire in life, curiosity on stranger and joy about travelling in the world.

Currently living in Germany, she puts her varied knowledge one in projects and activities which promote the management of cultural diversity, at social level with local authority districts, free bearers and intercultural organisations, or in the consultation of the economic enterprises which want to use the chance of the Diversity management for the success of their company straight

Above all, however, Martina Möller-Öncü has collected her own intercultural competence by life and work abroad and has reflected professionally. These makes her authentic in special manner.